New mouth resolution

Apr 2012

1: review textbooks \^fundamental physical, linear algebra, calculus\^ | from the very beginning

2: practice every little step in social dance \^now likely to be a unpractical promise\^

3: look through a paper related to new breakthrough on friction \^should have done earlier should not be putted off any longer\^

4: do more exercises \^a total amount of five hours\^

( mentioned above still the same with week resolution in 5th week of Mar 2012  WHAT A SHAME!!! )

5: hand on a investigation report on friction \^should be put to the first position in the schedule\^

6: skim the following books: Courses of  Theoretical Physics, Lectures on Physics \^prepare for a second deep and thorough read\^

7: finish the following books: A Brief History of Time, A Guide to MATLAB for Beginners and Experienced Users \^not as important\^

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